Our successes

It was first marketed as a medicinal product in 1995, with the approval of the National Institute of Pharmacy, with the following health claims:

1. To reduce and eliminate complaints related to bile production and bile duct dysfunction:
- increase bile excretion, promote bile secretion,
- reducing the risk of gallstones,
- alleviation or elimination of complaints due to bile duct dysfunction after gall bladder removal

2. Reduction and elimination of digestive complaints, with particular attention to (stomach) overload.
Dealing with bowel complaints (irregular, hard stools, etc.) (bowel control)

3. Beneficial influence on cholesterol levels.

Downloadable documents:

GALLMED certificate of registration
GALLMED Marketing Authorisation
GALLMED leaflet
GALLMED factsheet
GALLMED advertising for doctors
GALLMED leaflet for patients
GALLMED among the medicinal products
Dr. Dezső Csupor - GALLMED in phytotherapy
Health magazine - The medicinal properties of bile acids
A kör journal - September 1995 - GALLMED tablets advertisement
Dr. Sándor Bíró - The application of bile acids in diseases of the cardiovascular system - Patika Tükör September 1996
Pharmaceutical Journal - October 1995 - GALLMED tablets advertisement
Hungarian Doctor - October 1995 - GALLMED tablets advertisement
Dr. József Tamási - The healing effects of natural bile acids
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