Beneficial for alleviating symptoms and side effects of various infections

Beneficial for alleviating symptoms and side effects of various infections

Mitigating bacterial superinfecitons of viral infections

against infections
AntiBac 30 capsules of bile acid and herbs

What are the different infections?

"Infection means the harmful colonisation of a host by pathogens. In infection, the infecting organism seeks to use the resources of the host to reproduce. The infecting organism may also cause an abnormal function and possibly destroy the host."

What are the usual symptoms of infections?

The most common symptoms of bacterial and viral infections are:

  • fever,
  • limb and joint pain,
  • runny nose, nasal congestion,
  • sore throat
  • cough, sneezing
  • headaches,
  • weakness, lethargy,
  • cold chills,
  • digestive problems (constipation or diarrhoea),
  • rashes and other skin problems

Treatment of viral and bacterial infections

In addition to consulting a doctor and following his or her advice, the most important things to do are: relieving fever, cough, nasal congestion, pain relief, drinking plenty of fluids, eating properly, taking vitamins and minerals, trace elements, etc.

What is the difference between viral and bacterial infections?

"Viral infections usually last 3-10 days and go away on their own. We feel the worst for the first few days, then we keep getting better. With viral infections, you need medication to relieve the symptoms, and plenty of rest and fluids will help. If your symptoms last longer than 10-14 days and continue to get worse or stay the same, you may well have the viral infection is accompanied by a secondary bacterial overgrowth.

Bacterial infections tend to last longer (up to 5-14 days) and symptoms can worsen steadily over time and rarely resolve completely without medication. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat bacterial infections and our body activates our immune system." Source: webmd.com - Viral and bacterial infections

Dr. Antal Miklós Várhalmi, the developer of GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac) capsules, talks about the effective treatment of infections (with subtitles, about 3 minutes)

In addition to the above, herbs known from folk medicine and scientific research are also effective in alleviating the symptoms and accelerating the course of various bacterial and viral infections, and the following are among the ingredients of GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac).

Active ingredients of GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac) and seven times their effects to protect the body:



one GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac) capsule contains the active ingredients of several cloves of garlic!

  • In the Middle Ages, garlic was used to prevent epidemic diseases.
  • Garlic inhibits the growth of many respiratory pathogens (bacteria, viruses)B16
  • The effect against pulmonary infections has been demonstrated in a modern clinical trial.B16 One study found that long-term garlic taken as a preventative measure significantly reduced the risk of developing respiratory infections.



King of bitter

its leaves and roots were used to make medicine in India and China even before the invention of antibiotics

  • The anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antispasmodic effects of king of bitter extract against various pathogens (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, B. subtilis, Candida albicans) have been experimentally demonstrated C2 C8.
  • In a meta-analysis of data from more than 7000 patients, the king of bitter the effectiveness of the treating colds.C2 , the results indicate that relieves cough, sore throat, cold symptoms and speeds up recovery C17 C2  C12
black elderberry

Black elderberries

In folk medicine, elderberries were "the poor man's pharmacy"

  • Elderflower has been a part of European folk medicine for centuries: it is used mainly as a diaphoretic and to treat fever and colds.
  • The juice and extract of the fruit are also used to treat colds.
  • The Elderflower crop antioxidant and G5, antiviral activity against respiratory viruses (e.g. influenza virus),
  • From act on the immune system to help fight viruses.A6 A4 A3
  • Elderberry crop can speed recovery and reduce symptoms in people with flu A4.
  • A similar effect has been observed for colds A5.



Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

The benefits of turmeric have been recognised by the pharmaceutical and health industries

  • The anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric have been clinically proven E19.
  • Curcumin has an immunostimulant effect: it boosted the production of antibodies and the white blood cell count during the immune response E2.


dried bovine bile

Bile acids (bile acids)

The antiseptic action of bile acids is due to their fat-busting function. It breaks down the fat-containing skeletons of lipid-coated macro viruses, bacteria and pathogens, making them more accessible to immune cells, thus relieving the immune system.

Professor Dr. Lóránd Bertók wrote the following: "In the physico-chemical defence based on the detergent action of bile acids, we have identified a general defence mechanism of the body, which extends to all pathogens with a fatty structure on their surface..." (e.g. influenza and herpes viruses). Source: The role of bile acids in the physico-chemical defence of the body


GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac) is a new food supplement on the market and the National Research and Development Office supports its invention application!

GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac) has been developed based on hundreds of international research papers, studies and research, and its ingredients have been selected to meet the current challenges and help the body's defences!

For the additional treatment of current infections, we have optimised the 30 capsule pack, of which, depending on the severity of the symptoms, 4 capsules per day are recommended for 2-3 days in the initial stage, and then 3 capsules per day until symptoms are significantly relieved!

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