Beneficial fats for the body - Omega-3

Beneficial fats for the body - Omega-3

support digestion

Lots of sugar, little fat

"Since the 1950s, animal fats have been replaced by refined vegetable oils, butter by margarine in the diet and diets have been based on them. We have become a civilisation that eats simple carbohydrates and refined vegetable oils. Bakeries on every corner, vending machines with sweets, sandwiches and sugary drinks.
The diets of pre-school and school children are also mainly carbohydrate-based. A snack at work is a cheese sandwich, bread roll or other bakery delicacy. Then some chocolate, fruit or a cookie.

Despite these changes, the rate of cardiovascular disease is increasing year on year, and is the leading cause of premature death in the European Union and the developed world. " Source: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/17290-omega-3-fatty-acids

Our society is chronically undernourished with healthy fats

'Brain cells need healthy fats (brain 60% in fat) to build the nervous system and hormones. Fats are a major source of energy and are key to the for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

Without healthy fats, our brains and circulatory systems break down, our hormone balance collapses, we become anxious, depressed and at the same time we have problems with shedding excess kilos, as fats are essential for regulating weight-regulating and fat-burning hormones.

Fats slow down the absorption of food, stabilise blood sugar levels, control appetite and prolong satiety.

When healthy fats are put into the body, glucagon, a fat solvent produced by the pancreas, converts stored fat into energy. This translates to reducing fat stores to give the body energy.

In addition, Omega-3 fats allow normal cell function, provide an impulse to build hormones that regulate certain body functions (blood clotting, relaxation and artery wall contraction), reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, improve the inflammation of certain chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism and symptoms of psoriasis.' Source: clevelandclinic.org

Fat consumption is also necessary for healthy bile function

A balanced diet ("eat like kings in the morning, like citizens at noon, like beggars in the evening") can ensure proper bile circulation in the body.

"When fatty and oily foods are eaten, a reflex is triggered at the time of chewing, which causes the bile produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder to be evacuated into the duodenum, helping to digest fatty and oily foods as quickly as possible.

Inadequate fat breakdown due to inadequate bile supply and poorly digested food causes bloating/fullness and fatigue after meals." Source: Dr. Erika Balaicza - The role of bile acids in digestion, fat breakdown and bloating relief (Fix TV - Szinusz)

If this process persists in the long term, it gallstone formation, high cholesterol levels, intestinal diseases, reflux, weakened immune system etc. can be the result. From aid digestion by supplementing bile acids people suffering from gallstones and gall bladder removal surgery is very important for patients who have had a major meal, but it is also recommended for those who experience any of the symptoms listed after a major meal to ensure that the beneficial fats consumed are used by the body.

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