How does proper bile function rid the body of excess cholesterol?

Lowering cholesterol with natural bile acids

The effect of Gallmet bile acid capsules on cholesterol levels.

Do we need cholesterol?

How can we get rid of excess cholesterol?

"No cell can break down the excess cholesterol in our diet. One natural way to get rid of it ... is by excreting cholesterol from our own bile or from outside. Around 20-30% of excess cholesterol is converted into bile acid, which is excreted in the faeces. Thus, the intake of bile acids can help to break down excess cholesterol."

"I had high cholesterol, the lab test showed a reading of 6.3. That's when I started taking GALLMET. A few weeks later, the next measurement was 3.9. Since then I've been taking it (which is 1, max 2 a day) and it's been between 3.9 and 4.4."

Erika Balaicza, MD, internist, on reducing bile acids and high cholesterol (with multilingual subtitles):

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