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Doctors and naturopaths who know and use GALLMET products.

Dr Erika Balaicza

Dr Erika Balaicza

doctor, internist, naturopath

Professor Dr. Lóránd Bertók

Prof Dr Lóránd Bertók †

Doctor of Medicine, former member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, expertise on bile acid research

Dr. János Medgyesi

Dr János Medgyesi

general practitioner / company doctor
Medical Director of MedFood Ltd.

Dr. István Tihanyi

Dr István Tihanyi

doctor, iridologist, paediatrician, naturopath

Dr. Szidónia Papp

Dr. Szidónia Papp

anthroposophist doctor

László Béky

László Béky †


Dr. András Bodnár

Dr. András Bodnár

specialist surgeon, chief surgeon - gallstones crushing

GALLMET products have been tested by the international WESSLING laboratory for:

  • Microbiology
  • pollutants,
  • heavy metals,
  • radioactivity,
  • doping-free,
  • does not contain potency enhancing substances,
  • allergen (gluten, lactose, casein) free

Laboratory test results:

Public, expert video interviews, experiences and recommendations from doctors and naturopaths using GALLMET products (with subtitles)

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GALLMET products are available in ALL Hungarian pharmacies and herbal shops or can be ordered!

Multiple bottles of GALLMET-Mix and Natural capsules purchased at the same time we give a quantity discount!
Notice: Please be advised that deliveries may be delayed for a few days during the festive period due to overloaded couriers.

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