The role of bile acids in our quality of life - the cycle of bile acids

The role of bile acids in our quality of life - the cycle of bile acids

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Bile circulation and the role of bile acids

Bile containing cholic acid is produced by the liver, which goes into the gallbladder and is stored there. When a meal is eaten, food is passed from the stomach to the duodenum within about 1-2 hours, where the digestive process, prepared with saliva and stomach acid, continues.

From the pre-digested food in the duodenum, a cholecystokinin control is given to the gallbladder from the mucous membrane of the duodenum, whereupon bile is transported to the duodenum via the bile ducts that end in the duodenum, to break down fats and partly proteins. At the same time, the pancreatic enzymes are also transported to the duodenum, as the pancreas is connected to the duodenum, as is the bile duct. The food, treated with bile fluid and pancreatic secretions, moves on to the small and then the large intestine, while the cholic acid is converted to deoxycholic acid. Approximately 10% of this is eliminated from the body in the faeces, while approximately 90% is returned to the liver via the bloodstream, where deoxycholic acid is converted back to colic acid and the process starts again, i.e. cyclically repeats: enterohepatic circulation = bile circulation.


If age, lifestyle, diet, hereditary factors, disease, pregnancy (e.g. the fetus pushing on the digestive organs, their function may change), etc. If this process is physiologically malfunctioning, altered or broken, digestive problems may occur: bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, right rib-arch pain, or pain in the back, stabbing sensation, etc. Women are about twice as likely to be affected as men. In women, increased stress due to a more sensitive nervous system is usually a factor, because the "valve" for the passage of bile from the gallbladder, the sphincter of Oddi, does not open properly more often due to stress, and thus the bile gets trapped in the gallbladder, it can become thickened and lead to gallstones and digestion becomes incomplete.

Soft, cholesterol stones smaller than about 15 mm can be dissolved with GALLMET.

If the intestines do not receive sufficient amounts of bile acid, the lipopolysaccharides from the cell wall of dead gram-negative bacteria, i.e. endotoxins (internal toxins), are not properly neutralised and the endotoxins, which are not properly neutralised, can trigger inflammation in other organs via cytokines, which over time leads to disease, the cause of which is often not adequately revealed by the process analyses described above, so that the true cause of some diseases may remain unknown, and therefore symptomatic rather than causal treatments may be used.

The GALLMET food supplements contain natural bile acids (and herbs) and are able to compensate and alleviate bile circulation disturbances by supplementing bile acids on a causal basis, so that the acid-resistant aka intestinosoluble capsules only act in the duodenum where the bile duct is connected, so that the active substance in the GALLMET capsules does not enter the stomach.

After gall bladder surgery, bile flows out as there is no gall bladder, although the liver and bile ducts can store small amounts of bile. However, during (main) meals, possibly over-feeding - when there is a lot of food in the stomach - depending on the fat and partly protein content of the food, the bile flow may not be sufficient to break down fat and protein, which can lead to digestive problems, which can be compensated for by, for example, supplementing bile acid and thus helping the bile to circulate. Of course, diet and herbs can be used to balance this to a certain extent and depending on the individual, but they cannot usually neutralise endotoxins in the gut, because this requires, in the first place, an adequate amount of bile acid. Gallbladder surgery patients' digestion and quality of life is improved if they take bile acids with their main meals.

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The physiological significance of bile acids and their link to digestion and the enterohepatic cycle (cycle of bile acids) - Video

The physiological significance of bile acids and their link to digestion and the enterohepatic circulation (cycle of bile acids)

Author, speaker and product developer (www.gallmet.hu and www.antibacvir.hu): Dr. Antal Miklós Várhalmi

Source: Vitality TV Extra - March 2022 show

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