Support for liver, gallbladder and digestion, helping the microbiological balance of the gut

Liver, bile and digestive support, helping the microbiological balance of the gut

The digestive tract is responsible for absorbing and processing food and for eliminating excess, unabsorbed material. It shreds food, passes it on and breaks it down into small units that the body can absorb. These units are then absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the cells via the vascular system. This process should be supported by a variety of supplements, as everyday stress, binge eating and sedentary work can have a negative effect!

AntiBac 30 capsules of bile acid and herbs

GALLMET-Immune (AntiBac) is a new food supplement on the market and the National Research and Development Office supports its invention application!

AntiBac has been developed based on hundreds of international research papers, studies and research, and its ingredients have been selected to meet the current challenges and help the body's defences!

The effect of AntiBac ingredients on digestion:

Discussion with expert Dr. Erika Balaicza on the role of bile acids in the breakdown of fats (Fix TV - Szinusz)

Bile acids (bile acids)

One of the most important functions of bile acids is to break down fats, dispersing them into tiny particles - breaking down oil and fat. They also activate lipase, a fat-breaking enzyme that speeds up the breakdown and absorption of fats/oils in the body.

When fatty and oily foods are eaten, a reflex is triggered at the time of chewing, which causes the bile produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder to be discharged into the duodenum (duodenum), helping to digest fatty and oily foods as quickly as possible.

Inadequate bile supply due to inadequate fat breakdown and poorly digested food can lead to bloating/fullness and fatigue after meals, which can later lead to abdominal pain. These negative effects can also be prevented by carefully chewing the food you eat, so it is best to avoid eating quickly and greedily. Promoting digestion by supplementing bile acids is very important for patients with gallstones and those who have undergone gall bladder removal surgery, but is also recommended for those who experience any of the symptoms listed after large meals.

white horehound

White horehound (Marrubium vulgare)

White horehound is such a popular herb that it is even used to make sweets!

  • The appetite-enhancing and digestive properties of white horehound D1 are related to its bitter substance content.
  • The perception of bitter taste reflexively improves appetite and aids digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive juices.



Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

The benefits of turmeric have been recognised by the pharmaceutical and health industries

  • Turmeric also has bile production-enhancing and gallbladder-constricting effects, as well as antispasmodic properties.E15
  • Turmeric extract lowers blood fat levels, which may be due to its increased bile-producing effect.E9
  • Studies have shown that turmeric is a bile stimulant (increases the flow of bile), improves digestion E18 and lowers cholesterol.E10
  • Centuries of Eastern folklore and empirical scientific studies support the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric, and there is clinical evidence to support this.E19 The anti-inflammatory effects of curcuminoids have been confirmed by positive results of several human studies, and their consumption has been shown to relieve joint pain.E12 Several clinical trials indicate that curcumin alleviates the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and is a significant antioxidant.E11



King of bitter

its leaves and roots were used to make medicine in India and China even before the invention of antibiotics

  • The king of bitter is internally liver protective and antioxidant.C16

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