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Where can I buy GALLMET supplements?

ATTENTION: Pursuant to directive 2002/46/EC of the European parliament and of the council, it is prohibited to attribute a preventive or curative effect to a food supplement or to refer to such a property in the labelling, presentation and advertising of food supplements. In light of this, the distributor (GALLMED Kft. / GALLMED Ltd.) does not attribute a preventive or curative effect to the products. The use of the products enhances the body's self-healing process and is not a substitute for necessary medical treatment, so consult your doctor. If you are also taking medications, do not discontinue them without consulting your doctor, and certainly not immediately.

Use GALLMET / AntiBac products at your own risk and it is recommended that you check with your doctor!

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GALLMET Extra, Natural, Mix and Heart Plus products can be purchased or ordered at any Hungarian pharmacy!

GALLMET products are available in ALL Hungarian pharmacies and herbal shops or can be ordered!

Gallmet bile acid capsules contain similar amounts of bile acids, but GALLMET-Mix also contains herbal extracts that support digestion, while GALLMET-Extra contains digestive enzymes and herbal extracts that also support digestion.

Multiple bottles of GALLMET-Mix and Natural capsules purchased at the same time we give a quantity discount!
Notice: Please be advised that deliveries may be delayed for a few days during the festive period due to overloaded couriers.

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Use GALLMET at your own risk and it is recommended that you consult your doctor!

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